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Simon Owens

Oct. 27th, 2005

11:33 am - Paper

At some point today I'm going to have to write a paper that I've been putting off that's due tomorrow. And this isn't one of those things that I can wait until 8 at night to do.

I also need to schedule for next semester.

And I'm going to be taking a risk at some point tonight.

01:06 am

Went to Market Cross bar tonight with Frankenfield and Sarah. The air pocket opens up and I find myself in this cloud of quirk, and when I look at my watch and see it's midnight, I realize that if I know what's good for me there's not a chance in hell that I'm leaving, now. So I stayed.

We wait for these accents in life, these crescendos.

The heat is on at my house, and tomorrow I go in to get a new job at a place that'll pay better than the last one.

Man I'm a good speller.

Oct. 24th, 2005

01:27 pm - Sweater season

Sweater Season officially begins today. I've always been really big on sweaters:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

01:14 pm - Cigarette

Around my room there are at least four packs of cigarettes. Marlboro Mediums. Each one is almost completely full with only a few missing. And of those few, only half were smoked by me. I leave them behind me when I go to bars so that I can say that line, "Oh, I forgot my cigarettes at home," and buy a whole new pack-- a pack I can eventually bring back to my room and discard with the rest. One sits on my desk. Another on my night stand and two on my book shelf.

They are sentries, cancer sticks standing guard, ready to be there when I need them. Sometimes I'll take one out when I'm sitting in front of my computer and play with it--slide it in and out of the box, put it to my lips for a second and just hold it there. I let it sag briefly until my upper lip is just barely holding on and then I stick the filter between my teeth and bite down lightly.

Then it's back into the box. These cigarettes are not for smoking. They are guards, always watching over me, always ready to be lit, though they never will be.

11:36 am - Punching bag

The people who live upstairs have a punching bag connected to what I assume to be a support beam of some kind in the attic. Last night at around 10:45, one of them decided to have a go at it. Whenever he does this it shakes the entire house to the point where it feels like there's an earthquake. And for some reason my room gets the worst of it.

So at a 11 at night I'm lying in bed as the whole house shakes around me.

Oct. 21st, 2005

03:46 pm

Man, I'm actually considering driving all the way to Villa Nova tonight (2 hour trip) to see a friend just so I can get out of this god damn house.

Oct. 20th, 2005

12:22 pm

I need to go out and buy more fruit.

Oct. 19th, 2005

08:26 pm - Car

I went to the mechanic today to pick up my car and pay him 37 dollars so he could simply tell me that once again, the light was triggered by one of the gas sensors in my car. He turned it off and it'll probably be fine for a few more months and randomly turn on again.

Trying to figure out when I can drive up to hang out with Hannah. It's a 7 hour drive so it'll probably mean I'll have to leave Thursday and skip Friday classes. A little nervous about the car. It's not an old car, it's a 99 Maxima, but it's getting to the age where I feel nervous taking long trips with it.

05:23 pm

Simon: I got a new haircut

Marla: that's what asian women do when they mourn the loss of a lover. they cut off their hair symbolically to say they're moving on. it's quite an obnoxious action for them

Simon : i like that. It's romantic.

01:18 pm - New Haircut

For the first time in over a year I received a professional haircut (Ashlie had been doing it for me for awhile). Rather than going for the really short look, I let the woman leave it a little longer than I normally would:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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